What is Marketing for Your Firm?

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Does everyone have a clear idea of the purpose of marketing? How does it fit with Sales? Perhaps it is easier to adopt a zero based approach where there is no marketing or sales and figure out what would be missing? Here's some scenarios and the actions they generate.


Your actions

You launch your company but don't publish any contact details on how to communicate with your firm
  • Get yourself a phone number, email and social media accounts
  • Decide you need a visual identity  for your firm, get a logo, business cards, stationary, brochures
  • Decide you want a website, engage a firm to design and build one
You want to be on-line

You need to decide the ways in which you have an on-line presence

  • Website (certainly)
  • Twitter?
  • Facebook?
  • Instagram?
  • Pinterest?
  • A Slack channel?
  • A Reddit page?

 Priorities for websites should include:

  • Working well on mobile: more people browse the web on mobile devices now than desktops.
  • Implemented 'securely' with SSL: with recent browser updates any site using http: rather than https: will cause alerts, and Google will drop you down the rankings.
  • Quick to load: with modern 'retina' screens on desktops and mobiles, people expect pin-sharp images, yet these require larger files and longer download times. Consider using a cache in the back-end and a delivery network to push your content globally

You have the means to communicate, but does anyone know you exist?
  • Consider what methods will reach your target audience
    • Phone?
    • Email?
    • Post?
    • Events?
    • Certain websites?
  • And what will you say? 
  • And when will you say it?

This is where a campaign plan is needed. Design the messages you want to deliver, the channels you'll use to deliver them, and the timing of each. Consider using a multi-stage email campaign to drive people to your content.

You realise the need to plan and execute a campaign

As framework for a campaign consider the following four phases:

  • Awareness: Customers being aware of your company, your products and services
  • Selection: Considering your product or service as a possible solution and comparing prices
  • Purchasing: Committing to your products and services, negotiating price, terms and conditions
  • Usage: Becoming a customer, gathering feedback on their experiences

Your budget for a campaign should include:

  • Creating the key messages
  • Creating content (words, photos, videos, adverts etc.)
  • Sequencing the approach
  • Choosing delivery channels
  • Planning how to capture responses
  • Measuring progress (website hits,  responses on social media, number of enquiries)
Finally you have all the components to engage prospects, what next?

With your communication tools and campaign plan in place, when you execute and receive incoming enquiries, how do you handle the flow of work?

  • In simple cases make an Excel spreadsheet and consider using Dropbox or equivalent to share data (a google sheet would be another option)
  • For strong team work, consider finding a Customer Relationship Management system, such as Hubspot into which you can record and track the sales process
  • A CRM system can synchronise with your website, and with a tool like Mailchimp
  • A joined up approach will avoid wasting time moving data around, and let team members focus on handling prospects
If you want help with any of these stages, or just advice on where you are now:
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