On-boarding and utilising SharpSpring

Notes and todo items

  • Where do the photos come from in the CRM Contacts list?
    • They appear to use an external service to pull these in. In each contact you can remove imported details, but overall this seems to be automated by default.
  • Anne-Charlotte:
    • Ask someone to add the DKIM records to your DNS entries. 
    • Check using: (put your domain name and s1 in the selector box)
    • Setup your own email account for syncing against contacts too, I can show you how. This is setup in Settings->My Account->User email settings.

Things to investigate

  • Google Adwords
  • Importing HTML email templates
  • Social analytics

Basic Setup (Done)

  • Company profile: Done
  • Company users: Done
  • Verify email: Done
  • Website tracking code: Done
  • Loading Media into the library: Not done (New->Media Centre Item)

Email (Nearly complete)

  • Install DKIM entries: Not done
  • Emailing syncing: Not done
  • Create emails and templates: In progress
  • Send a test email: Not sure
  • Create a target email list: Done
  • Send first bulk email and track results: Not done
  • See activity against contacts: Not done
  • See email reports: Not done

Contacts (Nearly complete)

  • Import a CSV file: Done
  • Build a dynamic email list: Not done
  • Observe email activity against contacts in their timeline: Not done

Forms (Not started)

  • Create a Form
  • Embed on a test webpage
  • Test the form and see Contact updates
  • Create a workflow
    • Form
    • Sends validation email
    • Leads to thank you page
    • Triggers email send
    • Attach a download
  • Test download and Contacts update
  • PDF Downloads: help here

Scoring (Not started)

  • Learn about scoring
  • Setup scoring profiles

Automation (Not started)

  • Design a workflow
  • Test the trigger and action

Personas (Not started)

  • Learn about Personas
  • Setup Personas